waco fuck

No songs for this band.

update nov 16 2005 no, we have a seven inch now

updated on september 6 2005

waco fuck is a hardcore punk band that arose from the white suburban mediocrity of the northern wastelands of the sandiego area with a revolving door of guitar players. still active to this day although rarely playing out and have yet to release anything other than a few demos.

UPDATE FOR THOSE WHO CARE be on the look out for a six song seven inch not quite so "lo fi" sounding. like a mix of grind core and fast thrash punk. there will be less than two hundred copies available as a portion of them will go to zines and labels and another portion broken over the singers head during live performances and then another portion used for coasters, plates, and frisbees

also it should be noted that the songs on this site are mad fuckin old. they are from the first two demos wich are both two years old and no longer distributed any more so unless you have a tape this is your only way to hear these songs, also the original demos were dubbed on store bought cassettes with xeroxed inserts and were not numbered or counted, rendering them pretty much useless as an ebayable commodity, wich kicks ass. mike agular aka miko fuck played guitar on the songs that appear on this site